Mr. Dunch   3.11.2018 18:33:05
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I say the Turk-Problem Istanbul girl (english)

So, I say cousin i say you this. I say i will say what happened to me me few years ago, ok? So, not so same but simmilar, simmilar, hand. So, I had to Istanbul one girlfriend and so I sayvery good Ayse and I say slim, nicehairs and so also boobs like a tits, hand, hand. And also I say as you say very good girl she was so i swear god she was the best girl i ever knew ok? But, so she was also from Istanbul as me but she was so Rum, so we say this to Greeks from Turkey ok? And so they dont like muslim Turks and so and what, so im fucking every religions i dont care, hand, hand. I say Im fucking your pussy and all, hand. And cousin she was also and she didnt mind im Turk and everything good but after i had to come to Slovakia to help myfather Mustafa with business, ok? And so, im now back in Istanbul but she totally changed ok? So she became christian fanatic ok? Example last time i spoked with her on mobile 2 years ago ok? And so I call call ring respond i say hello, its me Ilker she say that aaa soo and what i dont have time for you now. I say why?She said aaa soo and whaat im ill now and dont have time, i say so listen im in Istanbul and i want to meet you so to see you she say aa soo and what better another time. And cousin i swear god than i didnt hear her only so one time she send me message so find christian religion and also i found she found after me other oglan so boy and till then shes tottally fanatic christian and so shes only interesting example church, bishop, what he did where he was and these shit. So say i say be carefull on these women because is very dangerous, one day good next day she forget on you, hand.But still here in Istanbul every day i say fuck what a good girl she was, aman, aman...

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muž  TUREK-ILKER  3.11.2018 23:24:28
Akože hovorim jahovorim jebety? Akože prečo to preložilsi do anglicky? Akože ja to pisal alä akože davno, davno, ruka. Alä bratranec akože to velmy zle angličtyna maš...