Ilker the Turk   26.7.2020 14:55:06
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I say the Turk-Ayshe problem (english)

So say I say so it was like I had one Ayshe so girlfriend ok? Example, very nice Ayshe, hand. I say we sit, sit I say what and come one. She said aa ok we can. Cousin I say we go we come, came friend I say come to have sex. She say ok.I say hand. So im coming to my Ayshe. She said aaa sooo and what that no she doesnt want, I say are u fucking I say why? She say aaa sooo Im sorry Mr. Dunch, I only anal because my father should not know Im not a virgin. Example so to doesnt know. I say ok, thats not a problem. So we make anal. Cousin one time we make aand she only anal wanted ok? Example she calls called I respond, I say yea what? She said I want sex.
I say hand. I come came, still anal than I leave. I say is it normal Ayshess like that? Thanks.

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